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About us

We are a data driven digital marketing agency with over 10 years of combined experience in providing the services below:

  • Google Ads Account Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • eCommerce website development
  • Data Analytics

Our Services


Google Ads Account Management

LeadSales believes in the power of effective Google Ads Accounts management to reach an extensive audience thus giving you coveted visibility and exposure.

Our team has experience with building the right google ads campaign that is adapted to your audience in addition to continuous search engine optimization and growth tracking to give you the cost-effective solution you are looking for.


Facebook Marketing

At LeadSales we believe that social media is the fuel that drives online marketing.

We create and design content that attracts consumers and boosts growth. We do this by designing and managing targeted content that encourages engagement on Facebook, increases brand awareness and integrates pre-existing marketing options.


E-commerce website development

We create and design websites that are easy to navigate and showcase brand strengths. We help you build a strong online presence that differentiates you from competitors and builds credibility by providing relevant information.

Our team of graphic designers and developers combines aesthetic talent and work ethic to create a strong online presence for your brand


E-Commerce Data Analytics

Our analytics team helps you analyze the relationship between customer interactions and your online content, carry out brand related data research and assists in enhanced pricing strategies.

Our data analysts take advantage of analytics tools to track all interactions customers have had with your brand and deliver personalized recommendations based on the collected data. We present our recommendations in formats that are easily accessible and can be directly implemented.

Client Testimonials

“LeadSales have transformed my business.

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